PIERS 2018 Toyama

Best Student Paper Award (BSPA)

Any full-time university student, who is the first author as well as the presenting author of a paper submitted for oral presentation at PIERS 2018 Toyama, can apply for the “Best Student Paper Award” (BSPA).

Each BSPA applicant must be a full-time university student at the time of application, and submit

  • a one-page abstract
  • a certification letter from the advisor of the applicant

by March 1 April 1, 2018, via the PIERS On-line Abstract Submission webpage. The applicant must register for the Conference by the pre-registration deadline (May 1, 2018), and submit

  • a full-length paper (3-8 pages)

by May 5, 2018, via the PIERS On-line Extended Paper Submission webpage.

The certification letter needs to be provided on university letterhead and signed by the applicant's advisor.  The letter must state that the applicant is enrolled as a full-time university student in a degree program. No other students are allowed as co-authors.

Applications will be peer-reviewed by the PIERS 2018 Toyama Young Scientist Program Committee, and five finalists for each of the five categories SC1 to SC5 (i.e., a total of 25 finalists) will be selected.  Five among the 25 finalists will each receive 300 USD (in cash) onsite as support for local expenses.

The results of selection of the finalists will be posted on the PIERS 2018 Toyama local website. In addition, five BSPA Special Sessions for SC1 to SC5 will be arranged in the technical program by reflecting these selection results. It is required that all the applicants check the status of their papers from the local website and the preliminary program.

Each of the 25 finalists must present his/her paper orally in one of the five BSPA Special Sessions scheduled August 2, 2018.  After the BSPA Special Sessions, three Prize Winners (First, Second, and Third Prizes) and two Honorable Mentions will be immediately selected for each category (SC1 to SC5) by the PIERS 2018 Toyama Young Scientist Program Committee.  The selection results will be announced onsite on August 2, 2018. The 25 awardees (15 Prize Winners, 10 Honorable Mentions) will each receive a free ticket for the Symposium Banquet.

It is required that all the 25 awardees attend the Symposium Banquet on August 3, 2018, where they will each receive a Certificate. In addition, the 15 Prize Winners will receive the cash awards:

  • First Prize: 500 USD (in cash)
  • Second Prize: 300 USD (in cash)
  • Third Prize: 100 USD (in cash)

The BSPA results will also be announced on the PIERS 2018 Toyama local website on August 4, 2018.


For any inquiries, please contact:

  • Professor Kazuya Kobayashi
    PIERS 2018 Toyama General Chair
    Chuo University
    1-13-27 Kasuga, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-8551, Japan
    Fax: +81-3-3817-1847 / Phone: +81-3-3817-1869
    Email: kazuya(at)tamacc.chuo-u.ac.jp
  • PIERS 2018 Toyama Secretariat
    c/o DUPLER CORP.
    3-1 Nemoto, Matsudo, Chiba 271-0077, Japan
    Fax: +81-47-308-5272 / Phone: +81-47-361-6030
    Email: secretariat(at)piers2018.jp